RecruitMilitary Releases New Technology to Help Employers Hire Veterans

New technology released today by RecruitMilitary makes it easier for employers to find great job candidates when searching our nation’s greatest pool of talent – military veterans and service members who are transitioning back to civilian life.


New technology released today by RecruitMilitary makes it much easier for employers to find great job candidates when searching our nation’s greatest pool of talent – military veterans and service members who are transitioning back to civilian life. Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) Power Search technology enables employers to build complex candidate search lists quickly and easily, using military occupations and general “civilianized”search terms. This technology is automatically available at no extra charge to employers that are licensed to search the database of more than 620,000 registered candidates at

This new MOS Power Search technology helps companies get the veteran talent they need when they need it,” said Peter A. Gudmundsson, CEO and president of RecruitMilitary and a former officer in the United States Marine Corps. “Most technologies of this nature are created in accordance with the principle of ‘post a job and pray.’ But MOS Power Search is aggressive and proactive – it’s a supercharged, next-generation tool for companies that are serious about filling their talent pipelines with the best candidates in the nation: military veterans.

MOS Power Search has also made older MOS-search technology obsolete. Using older technology, an employer had to specify a single military branch – Army or Navy, etc. – then scroll through and select MOS’s from that branch. By contrast, MOS Power Search enables the employer to specify more than one branch, then type in a keyword or term associated with a military and/or civilian occupation – for example, “engineer” or “maintenance.” The software instantly populates the screen with the corresponding MOS’s. The employer can select one or more of these similar MOS’s – from the specified military branches – then click “Search” to pull up a precisely targeted candidate list.

The candidates in the RecruitMilitary database include veterans who already have civilian work experience, men and women who are transitioning from active duty to civilian life, members of the National Guard and reserves, military spouses, and other members of military families.

Most other MOS-matching technologies on the market put the burden of job matching on the candidates,” said Gudmundsson. “A candidate has to sift through a ton of job postings – and hope that none were left out because of incorrect coding. MOS Power Search makes everything simple. The only task for the candidate is to make sure to include MOS data in his or her RecruitMilitary database registration profile. This is definitely not a burden; entering MOS data has been a standard part of our registration process for years.

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About RecruitMilitary:

RecruitMilitary helps organizations excel by leveraging the talent of our nation’s finest people, our veterans. Specifically, RecruitMilitary helps companies and educational institutions attract, appreciate,and retain high-quality veteran talent. Founded in 1998, RecruitMilitary hosts more than 65 opportunity expos around the nation each year, giving over 27,000 veterans an opportunity to interact with more than 3,000 leading companies and other organizations ( In addition, RecruitMilitary offers the largest and most complete database of high-quality veteran talent, with over 620,000 members ( The company distributesSearch & Employ® magazine on American military bases worldwide (, and provides recruiting services through its professional services team (

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