The Mission

Transitioning from the military was more difficult than I had ever really imagined. I’ve talked to a lot of other veterans about the very first day out of uniform and we all say the same thing- that we felt really alone. There is something very deeply imbued into each of us who ever put on a uniform and that’s the sense of mission.

The mission is simple in nature- to work, fight, and sacrifice for the sake of the greater good of the citizens of the United States of America. This mission bound us together and became an integral part of who we are. A number of veterans search for a renewed sense of purpose after they transition from uniformed service. Some transition into education or law enforcement or any other number of things. Right now, there’s a very interesting and exciting way to continue on with the same mission you strived for in the armed forces, and that’s with the Central Intelligence Agency.

The CIA has positions open right now in the National Clandestine Service (NCS). The NCS wants to hire veterans, because veterans understand what is required to make a commitment to a “mission,” and that mission is to serve, protect, and sacrifice for our great nation.

Here’s what the CIA has to say about the person they’re looking for:

“The CIA’s Clandestine Service is the front-line source of clandestine information on critical international developments, from terrorism and weapons of mass destruction to military and political issues. The mission often requires clandestine service officers to live and work overseas, making a true commitment to the Agency. This is more than just a job – it’s a way of life that challenges the deepest resources of personal intelligence, self-reliance and responsibility. National Clandestine Service Officers are individuals with varied backgrounds and life experiences, professional and educational histories, language capabilities, and other elements that allow us to meet our mission critical objectives.”

Not only is this a tremendous professional opportunity, but it’s a tremendous opportunity to make an impact. If you want to carry on with the mission, if you’re driven to continue to sacrifice for the greater good, then maybe this is for you. Follow the link below for further details if you decide to accept this “mission.”

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