Careers in the National Clandestine Services

The Central Intelligence Agency is an organization that’s relatively familiar to most of us- at least in name. The CIA has been highly fictionalized and become something of a pop culture icon. We hear about the CIA in movies, TV shows and books constantly. One of the offices of the CIA is the National Clandestine Services (NCS). This branch handles Human Intelligence (HUMINT) collection and convert action. The CIA is currently looking to fill positions within the NCS and is looking to recruit veterans.

The National Clandestine Services branch of the CIA is currently looking for intelligent, motivated and dedicated people to fill their ranks. Keep in mind that this job isn’t for everyone. Long hours, days, weeks and months operating in austere, rapidly changing environments requires a lifestyle commitment. Obviously there are some requirements that enable the NCS to procure some of the best talent around. If you have an undergraduate or graduate degree from an accredited college or university you’re eligible to apply.

The NCS has always valued diversity in their ranks; not only because this is a direct reflection of America as the most diverse nation on earth, but because, as the premier intelligence gathering division in the world, the NCS has the responsibility to solve problems and to address issues with as many perspectives possible. As military veterans we know and appreciate the value of diversity. Everyone of us became friends with people that were from the opposite ends of the spectrum as we were, but we’d go the distance for them and they’d go the distance for us.

Some of the fields and special skills that the NCS is currently looking to fill are as follows:

o International Business
o Finance
o International Relations
o Economics
o Physical Science
o Nuclear, biological, chemical engineering
o Foreign language proficiency (particularly in the critical languages of Arabic, Chinese, Dari, Indonesian, Korean, Pashto, Persian, Russian, Turkish, Kurdish and Urdu) are highly desirable

As you take off your uniform and search for a place to make a difference in the world, I encourage you to take time to visit the CIA’s National Clandestine Services career opportunities page here.

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