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By Harry Prestanski, Cincinnati Veterans Issues Examiner

Over 400 veterans showed up at Great American Ball Park

today looking for opportunities and help in finding jobs. Over 30 employers, franchisors and educational institutions were on hand to meet with them. The Opportunity Expo for job seekers who have military backgrounds was produced by RecruitMilitary and sponsored by the Xavier University Veterans Affairs Office.

Robert Walker

Robert Walker, RecruitMilitary Director of Events and National Accounts at Expo

“The number one problem for returning veterans today is transitioning military skills to the civilian workforce,” said Robert Walker, director of events and national accounts for RecruitMilitary. “Veterans have received excellent training and possess the skill sets and personal characteristics that business today wants and needs. They offer leadership ability, loyalty, initiative, and self-discipline. These Expos provide an opportunity to bring veterans and employers together.”

The expo was provided free to veterans who may already have civilian work experience, men and women who are transitioning from active duty to civilian life, members of the National Guard and reserves, military spouses, and other military family members.

Expo sponsor Xavier University Veterans Affairs is a Yellow Ribbon GI Education Enhancement program participant. “Today, thanks to the Yellow Ribbon Program, veterans can attend a private school such as Xavier University and the VA will cover the tuition and fees of fully eligible Chapter 33 Post 9/11 GI Bill students,” says Dave Keszei, director, Xavier Veteran Affairs Office. “This includes both undergraduate and graduate students who are fully eligible. Prior to the Yellow Ribbon program, many veterans never had the opportunity to attend a private university because they simply could not afford the tuition. This program will revolutionize higher education for veterans.” Keszei is a retired Major in the Marine Corps.

Participating in the expo were employers, franchisors, and educational institutions including Brown Mackie Colleges, Cincom Systems, Inc., Coca-Cola, Dayton VA Medical Center, DeVry University, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), MAG, Mass Mutual Financial Group, Mike’s Express Car Wash, National College, Northern Kentucky University, Northrop Grumman, the Ohio Army National Guard, Procter & Gamble Co., Rochester Police Department, Schlumberger, Schwan’s Food Manufacturing, Inc., ServiceMaster Clean, Snap-On Tools, Speedway SuperAmerica, LLC, U.S. Lawns, the University of Cincinnati, the Veterans Administration – Cincinnati, and Xavier University.

RecruitMilitary is Cincinnati-based company connecting employers, franchisors, and educational institutions with job seekers who have military backgrounds. All of the company’s owners, account executives, and search consultants are either veterans or active or former reservists. The founder and president of RecruitMilitary is Drew Myers, formerly a Captain in the United States Marine Corps. Myers founded the company in 1998.

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2 Responses to Veterans Seek Opportunities at Expo — Cincinnati Examiner

  1. Tim H says:

    First of all be prepared to just go back online and do submission on all companies that are hiring. If your older then 40 then relax there not looking for those type veterans unless your just getting out of the Military. The other nothing but colleges even if your a recent mature non traditional student with good exp/ then just wait for a couple months you might get a bite with target and or walmart.

    The VA job fairs after three yrs of experience of going to these things in Texas and North Carolina I have learned to Say Thank you and go home and back online again. This is not worth the effort and time unless your under the age of 33 yrs old Black/.Wht/ Hispanic/ other nationality.

    Unbelieveable bad experiences as an older college graduate the real deal is this.

    If your looking for a job at 40 yrs older good luck. Age discrimnation is there no matter what anybody tells you. The guys hosting these things well they have a retirement unlike those of us that were not fortunate enough to get those benefits/ and the people on the other end well there bills are being paid/ your bills are not. Age is a big factor for these job fairs. I am not affraid to challenge any of them on this matter. I have two recent degrees and since I have been unemployed for longer then two and half years they believe my age and longevity is a major factor of paying anybody our age with degrees less then 11$ an hour. Thanks VA for I put my life on the line for the good USA and I can pay my electric bill and water bill and gas… Thats it.

    Good Luck non believers. For the truth Shall set you free.

    Former Army Ranger/ 78-1988

  2. Tim H says:

    For actual figures give us a actual number of how many companies showed up!

    Also, Give us exactly how many companies actually hired vets that are forty and up being out of military for 15 yrs plus and have only worked with companies less then five years for no matter what reasons.

    Yes, I know I can possibly count on one hand.

    Challenge you VA Mr. Larry.

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