Military Spouse Find Success In Job Search

Recently I was very fortune to meet a military spouse named, Samantha Pritchett, at RecruitMilitary’s Indianapolis Opportunity Expo. Samantha had attended the same exact Opportunity Expo this time last year, but the only difference was this year she was “working” the event rather than “attending” the event!

When I met Samantha she was working the Indiana Wesley University booth recruiting attendees to look at the opportunities within the University. Being new with RecruitMilitary, I was very excited to speak with Samantha and learn her story. She was kind enough to share her experience of her job search and the process of landing her current job.

At last years expo, Samantha came ready. “This was my very first expo, but I made sure I was ready. Ready to interview and ready to find some good leads.” Samantha hit the nail on the head. When you attend opportunity expos or career fairs you have to be ready.

Like so many, Samantha was starting to feel discouraged in her job search. It had been five long months of no luck using online searches before she attended the RecruitMilitary Opportunity Expo. “The great thing about the expo was that I handed out about 3 or 4 resumes and within two days of the event I was called for an interview. The turn time from expo to hire was about four weeks for me!”

Samantha is a prime example of how many employers are looking at the unique qualities of military spouses. One thing I have heard from spouses is how they worry about the reaction employers may have when it comes time to relocate. According to Kate Midden,  Corporate Development Manager with MSCCN & VetConnect, the average time an employee stays with one job is about three years. With that being said, time should not be a deterrent for a military spouse to go after the job of their choice.

We at RecruitMilitary are working very hard to increase the tools and opportunities available for military spouses. Currently two of our best tools are to utilize our data base services for Veterans and Military Spouses as well as our opportunity expos.

The job hunt for Military Spouses does not have to be a painful experience, Samantha is a perfect example of that.

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